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The newest member of the Hübinette family!

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These are just a few places that Sadie enjoys visiting that we would like to share with you.

Shopping Sites
[dog print] is the next best thing since went out of business. Please visit the Shop Woof section of Sadie's website to see a list of her favorite items.

[dog print] Drs. Foster & Smith Catalog is chuck full of almost every pet product imaginable. I can't wait until their full inventory is available online.

[dog print] Beagle Gifts and Collectibles is a highly graphic intensive site and takes a while to load. However, it does have some really cute beagle stuff (like calendars, stationary, figurines, jewlrey, etc) if you have time for it.

[dog print] JB Wholesale Pet Supplies is another place to shop for animal goodies. This site seems to have more stuff available for online shopping.

Seattle Area Sites
[dog print] The Three Dog Bakery is Sadie's newfound treat store. They have the most yummy stuff and it is pretty reasonable too!

[dog print] PAWS is a wonderful organization that shelters abandoned animals or animals given up for adoption. I wish there way a way to take all the cute doggies home! Be sure to donate to them like we do to show your support!

[dog print] Seattle Beagle Rescue is a a volunteer organization dedicated to saving homeless beagles and placing them in loving and committed families.

[dog print] Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue is a non-profit referral organization dedicated to placing unwanted purebred dogs into suitable homes, and preventing unwanted purebreds from overloading the shelter system.
Dog Training and Resources Sites
[dog print] This is Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Home Page which contains a whole lot of great information on training and tons of other helpful info. It has saved the day for us many a time.

[dog print] This is a very detailed and in-depth FAQ on the beagle breed. It covers the following topics: History, Description/Breed Standard, Frequently Asked Questions, Personality and Temperament, Eye Disorders, Other Disorders, What to look for in a Responsible Breeder, References and Recommended Reading, Email Listservers and Publications. If you are thinking of getting a beagle, this is a great place to start!
[dog print] The Poop has a lot of information for dogs. There is a photo contest, recipies for treats, doggie horoscopes, polls, chat and more!

[dog print] I-BARC, stands for Internet Beagle Aficionado Recreation Club and it is a mailing list that I am signed up on (although not an active participant anymore). They have really given me a lot of information and prepared me long before I ever owned a Beagle.

Great Personal Sites
[dog print] Home of the Beagle has a lot of great information on beagles and also has a list of some I-BARC folks.

[dog print] Beagles on the Web is another eye pleasing site that has all to do with ... yes, you guessed it ... beagles! There is a great service that they offer which is to place a beagle picture up for those people who want to have a web page but either cannot afford it or don't have the means to do so. Be sure to check out their auction and help support this site!

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