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Sadie's Doghouse : Shop Woof [dog house]
The newest member of the Hübinette family!

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Welcome to Shop Woof where you can find lots of doggie items (and even some fish stuff as well) that you can purchase. In doing so, you are helping support this site so please, Shop Woof! is a great resource for all kinds of information like tips on how to keep your dog from getting bored to nutrition needs to how to size your dog for a harness.

Sleep and Travel
Brushed Twill Pillow Bed by Companion Road Brushed Twill Pillow Bed by Companion Road
Generously sized beds are filled with a combination of polyester fiberfill and cedar shavings to create a soft and inviting nest for your dog -- Made exclusively for PETsMART

Even though Sadie doesn't have this exact bed, it is very similar and she loves it.

Deluxe Vari Kennels Deluxe Vari Kennels
Durable high-impact plastic -- Quick and Easy Assembly

This is what Sadie stays in when she is all alone ... or when she is bad. Either way, she is happy to get out of it. Sadie can be quite destructive when left alone and having her stay in a kennel helps her from getting into trouble.

Tubular Barrier & Extension Tubular Barrier & Extension
For Station Wagons Mini Vans and Sport Utility Vehicles

Because of Sadie's destructive nature (bad dog), she has chewed on the seat belts (a big no no). In order to prevent her from doing that, she now staying in the back of my little SUV with the help of this product.

Crush-it Pet Bowls by PetSport Crush-it Pet Bowls by PetSport
Holds plenty of food or water for pets on the go!

This looks like a great travel item ... small, easy to carry and durable.

Flexi Retractable Leads Flexi Retractable Leads
Gives your dog freedom to explore while you remain in control at all times

Don't leave home without it! We like the Flexi Long Lead since it has 26 feet of leash.

Comfort Harness Comfort Harness
Great for the hard to fit hard pulling dog -- Nylon

Sadie doesn't like wearing her harness that much (I think it is too small) so maybe if we tried another one it would suit her better? This one looks like a good option.

Outdoor and Cleanup
Deluxe Pet-Dors Deluxe Pet-Dors
Easy installation with only a drill and screwdriver

Once we get a screen/storm door for the back door, we want to install a pet door to make Fredrik's life much easier.

Expandable Waste Disposal System Expandable Waste Disposal System
Expandable in-ground system is easy to install Makes lawn clean-up much faster and easier!

We have a similar this poop disposer that works wonderfully.

G-Whiz Lawn Burn Control G-Whiz Lawn Burn Control
Neutralizes urine ammonia -- Vet approved

During the summer, we need to do something about all the burn marks in our lawn. We have such a small patch that we have to do what we can to save it. Plus it says it helps breath and other body odors.

Simple Solution Simple Solution
Simple Solution eliminates all organic stains and odors

Sadie occasionally has accidents (she has bladder infections) and we use a very similar product to clean it up. Product Search Box Product Search Box

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