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The newest member of the Hübinette family!

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Welcome to Shop Woof where you can find lots of doggie items (and even some fish stuff as well) that you can purchase. In doing so, you are helping support this site so please, Shop Woof! is a great resource for all kinds of information like tips on how to keep your dog from getting bored to nutrition needs to how to size your dog for a harness.

Grooming and Meds
Grannick's Bitter Apple Shampoo & Conditioner Grannick's Bitter Apple Shampoo & Conditioner
The ideal combination to discourage your dog from licking chewing and biting hot spots or problem areas

Sadie's allergies have created a habit of licking herself that we are having trouble breaking. Maybe this product would work well?

Zoom Groom Zoom Groom
Flexible solid rubber bristles reach deep into your cat's coat to remove loose hair and dander Feels like a soothing massage

This works great and the hair keeps coming and coming and coming. We still use a regular bristle brush to finish her off and to grab any loose hairs. Even though the description says it is for a cat, I know it is good for dogs as well.

Breath Mints by Eight in One Breath Mints by Eight in One
Give your dog the social advantage of minty fresh breath with these unique Breath Mints Active ingredients fight bacteria to support healthy teeth and gums

Sadie has some really bad breath sometimes (ok, most of the time) so these look like a good thing to try.

R-7 Natural Ear Cleaner R-7 Natural Ear Cleaner
A natural alternative to solve the problem of itchy ears odor and wax buildup

Since Sadie has allergy problems, she gets a lot of ear infections. We use this to help prevent infections and it smells pretty good too. We also use the Drying Creme too. Product Search Box Product Search Box

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