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Sadie's Doghouse : Run Home [dog house]
The newest member of the Hübinette family!

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[Aww! (34 Kb)] Welcome to Sadie's Website! We (Monica and Fredrik) got her on May 31st, 1998 and she has been a constant joy ever since. (Well, ok, all except when she ate poop and then threw it up. *blech*) You will probably find everything there is to know (and probably more than you ever wanted!) about our spoiled little pooch here. I will briefly explain what the links above mean...

run home : Shows Sadie's vital statistics. (That is this page.)
kibbles'n'bits : Sadie takes over and explains a what she does and does not like.
doggie awards : This is the place to go to see the awards that Sadie has won so far.
sniff links : Sniff out a few doggie sites that Sadie likes.
fetch photos (pg 1) : This page has the pictures that we took from her first day home.
(pg 2) : This page has some various photos of her around the house and the first pictures outside too.
(pg 3) : This page has some pictures that were taken at my dad's.
(pg 4) : This page has some pictures with Jenn, being at the computer and some more of Sadie sleeping.
(pg 5) : This page has some pictures from her first trip ... the beach!
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Vital Statistics [puppy head]
Born : March 29th, 1998
Current Age : 26 years, 3 months and 23 days old.
184.2 in dog years.
Breed : Beagle
Coloring : Black, tan and white
Sex : Female
Weight : 30.9 pounds as of December 17th, 1998.
Height : Approximately 13 inches as of September 15th, 1998. (She did not stand still long enough for a really accurate measuring!)
Spayed : October 2nd, 1998.
Vet : Any of the vets from the Companion Animal Hospital in Bellevue, WA.
Namesake : From the movie Funny Girl with Barbara Streisand where she sings "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady". Also, a lot of credit goes to her god-mommy, Jennifer Cady, who introduced me to that movie!
Nicknames : Sadie-Dog, Baby-Girl, Crazy-Sadie, Rocket-Dog and Poopy-Dog.

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shop woof (pg 1) | (pg 2) | (pg 3)
fetch photos (pg 1) | (pg 2) | (pg 3) | (pg 4) | (pg 5)
run home | kibbles'n'bits | doggie awards | sniff links
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